The Five Year Plan by Carla Burgess **Book Review** @rararesources

Happy Sunday my friends!

Today I’m excited to share with you my review for this sweet second chance romance with a wild side.🦦

My Thoughts

Otters and squirrels and foxes, oh my! A sweet second chance romance with a wild side. This is the story of Orla A girl with a five year plan. She is planning on getting her dream reporting job and moving to London in five years. Having a boyfriend and falling in love are definitely not in her plans. Then one day she goes to interview a man who is studying otters and finds herself falling into a rabbit hole and spraining her ankle. She also meets Aiden a wildlife photographer. Orla and Aiden have an instant connection that soon develops into more, the problem is Aiden will be leaving soon and the two of them are not looking for love. The two part ways and five years later their paths cross again.

Orla and Aiden were both very likable characters, but boy did they frustrate me. They seem to hash the same issues that they dealt with the first time the second time around as well. They also had a really hard time admitting their feelings to one another. I was also a bit annoyed that it seemed like it was Orla that needed to give up her hopes and dreams to be with Aiden, not the other way around. In spite of these things I really thought they were a cute couple and there was chemistry between them. I also loved all the wildlife in the story, made me want to go camping.

This book in emojis 🦦 ⛺️ 🗞 📸

*** Big thank you to HQ Digital for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Orla is a trainee reporter with a five-year plan: work her way up the career ladder, move to London and secure a job on a big national newspaper. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, he’s only going to hold her back anyway. Aiden spends his life travelling the world and living in a tent. He knows his goal: to photograph animals and raise awareness of global warming and wildlife conservation. He’s definitely not looking for a relationship past the odd casual hook-up! So when Orla and Aiden’s lives collide, they do everything to not fall for each other – with the opposite effect. But they stick to their plans, and go their separate ways…Five years later, they meet again. 

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