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This was such a fun, fast paced, pulse pounding, mind blowing, thriller that I strongly recommend to all!

My Thoughts

Wowza what a wild nonstop ride this book was! This book was fast-paced, action packed, and mind blowing! L. C. Shaw is half of the sister author writing team of Live Constantine. I’ve loved both books from this author team, So I knew this would be thrilling, but I have to say this is more action thriller than psychological thriller. Car chases, buildings blowing up, murder, gun fights, all with a bit of a Da Vinci Code vibe. I don’t generally like to compare books, but this book really reminded me of The Da Vinci Code, so if you like that book you will definitely like this one. There were some religious and political themes in the story. As well as conspiracy theories and secret societies. You absolutely need to suspend belief to truly appreciate this book. But just as I loved The Da Vinci Code I also thoroughly enjoyed The Network.

Reporter jack Logan is approached by US senator Malcolm Phillips. Phillips is convinced that his assassination is eminent and asks Jack to take care of his wife Taylor after his death. Jack thinks the senator is a bit crazy, but when days later he is found dead Jack is convinced he needs to watch over Taylor. The problem is Taylor is his ex-girlfriend and things did not end well for this couple. What follows is a high octane pulse pounding thriller that will keep you on your toes. I loved puzzling the pieces of this book together. And even though some of it was a bit unbelievable and I didn’t always agree with the political implications, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am eager to see what’s next in store for Jack Logan.

🎧🎧🎧 The audiobook was narrated byCharlie Thurston. He did such an amazing job with all the different voices and really added the perfect amount of tension to the story.

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*** Big thanks to Harper Collins for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

A pulse-pounding thriller involving corruption, secrets, and lies at the very deepest levels of government and media.

“A twisty, nonstop conspiracy thriller that only has one gear: high! The Network delivers.” (Andrew Gross, number one New York Times best-selling author)

“This is mandatory reading for any thriller aficionado.” (Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author)

A shadowy group is manipulating society – and they’ve only just begun.

Late one night, investigative journalist Jack Logan receives a surprise visit from US Senator Malcolm Phillips at his New York apartment. Disheveled and in a panic, the senator swears that he’s about to be murdered and pleads with Jack to protect his wife, Taylor, who happens to be the only woman Jack has ever truly loved.

Days later, Phillips is found dead in a hotel room in Micronesia, the apparent victim of an allergy attack. While the nation mourns, Jack and Taylor race to find the one man who knows the truth. As they’re pursued by unknown assailants, their desperate hunt leads them to the Institute, an immense facility shrouded in mystery that has indoctrinated a generation of America’s political and media power players. Led by the enigmatic Damon Crosse, the Institute has its tentacles everywhere – but Taylor unknowingly holds the secret to the one thing that Crosse needs to carry out his plan.

Taking listeners on a thrill ride from the back halls of Congress to the high-rise offices of Madison Avenue and a remote Greek island, The Network is a provocative, pulse-pounding novel that dares to ask the question: Who’s really in charge?  

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