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Hello Book friends,

I am so happy to bring you a review for this book that wasn’t even on my radar, but I saw the synopsis and thought “I MUST HAVE IT”!!


My Thoughts

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This was a great little who-done-it type story based around an office environment.

Switching POV’s and timelines, the book jumps from before the murder to after.

Our main character Freya is a computer whizz, she has always had the dream of working for the giant Startup company, Atypical (think Google/Microsoft) so it is the best day of her life when she not only get’s the job of her dreams, but she is practically head hunted for it!

She quickly shows how good she is at coding and makes quite the impression, especially from Jay one of the Co-founders of the company.

Soon Freya and Jay are a couple, but keeping it quiet isn’t always easy, especially working in an office, anyone that works in one will tell you that there are NEVER secrets in an office, it doesn’t matter how careful you are!

Freya is super happy with Jay, there is only one problem, and her name is Nicole!

Nicole is so obviously jealous of the relationship between Freya and Jay that she becomes the office bully, and makes Freya’s life a nightmare, so one day her and Jay decide that enough is enough, and play a silly, funny prank on her.

Except no-one is laughing when Nicole ends up murdered!!

Cleverly told in the voices of Freya, and also a journalist called Isla who is covering the murder story, this little twisty book may not have the story you think it will!

Covering topics such as office & cyber bullying and also sexual harassment, it is a great book to get your teeth into.

*Thank you to the author and to Readers First for gifting me a copy of this book.


Vicci πŸ“šπŸ’›βœ¨


About the Book

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What if a prank leads to murder?

When Freya arrives at her dream job with the city’s hottest start-up, she can’t wait to begin a new and exciting life, including dating her new colleague Jay.

However, Nicole, Jay’s ex and fellow employee, seems intent on making her life a misery. After a big deadline, where Nicole continually picks on her, Freya snaps and tells Jay about the bullying and together they concoct a revenge prank.

The next morning, Nicole is found dead in her apartment . . .

Is this just a prank gone wrong? Or does Freya know someone who is capable of murder – and could she be next?

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