Meg and Jo by Virginia Kantra @berkleypub #bookreview

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It is pub day for this delightful retelling! This was a delightful story filled with family love and holiday cheer!🎄

My Thoughts

A delightful modern retelling of the beloved classic “Little Women”. Virginia Kantra Took on the tough task of taking this cherished classic and giving it a modern feel and I think she did a remarkable job of it. Admittedly I read LW over 35 years ago and if I’m being honest I’m not even certain I finished it. I think the fact I do not hold the original in high esteem really allowed me to appreciate this book on its own. Retellings can be tricky you have to honor the original while making the story your own, and I think any author who takes this on is very brave. Having said all this I think you can absolutely read this without having read the original I think it stands extremely well on its own merit. A lovely story about the strength of family, the power of love, The need to know how to express yourself, all wrapped up in a pretty Christmas bow.

This book primarily focuses on the older two March sisters Meg and Jo. Meg is the responsible sister now living the life she thought she always wanted. A stay at home mom with two adorable toddler’s, a lovely home, and a devoted husband. Jo is the fierce independence sister who now lives in NYC. She recently lost her job as a journalist and now is a popular food blogger working undercover at a popular restaurant. I could relate to and see a little of myself in both of these characters. Admittedly Meg drove me a bit nuts in the beginning, she was such a martyr and a control freak, the girl really needed just to chill out.Jo had some frustrating qualities as well she seem to have a hard time accepting help from others, but she didn’t feel the need to micromanage everyone else’s life either. When their mom gets sick all the girls including Amy and Beth come home to help out. My favorite part of the story was definitely the dynamics between all the sisters. Not having a sister myself I find this to be such a wonderful and complicated relationship. This was a buddy read and the discussion definitely got interesting when it came to the men in the story. We were all in agreement that Mr. March was terrible, he had this amazing wife and these incredible daughters and showed none of them any respect. The other men in the story I think some of us found a little more palatable than others. My favorite hands-down was Chef Eric, I mean who wouldn’t love a man that can cook!?! This is the perfect December read with the strong emphasis on family and festive holiday vibes.

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*** Big thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Little Women inspired this heartwarming modern tale of four sisters from New York Times best-selling author Virginia Kantra.

The March sisters – reliable Meg, independent Jo, stylish Amy, and shy Beth – have grown up to pursue their separate dreams. When Jo followed her ambitions to New York City, she never thought her career in journalism would come crashing down, leaving her struggling to stay afloat in a gig economy as a prep cook and secret food blogger.

Meg appears to have the life she always planned – the handsome husband, the adorable toddlers, the house in a charming subdivision. But sometimes getting everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

When their mother’s illness forces the sisters home to North Carolina for the holidays, they’ll rediscover what really matters.

One thing’s for sure – they’ll need the strength of family and the power of sisterhood to remake their lives and reimagine their dreams.

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