All Fired Up by Lori Foster @harlequinbooks #bookreview

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Where in the world did November go? This is such a sweet steamy and suspenseful romance, that any romance lover will love!❤️

My Thoughts

This was such a sweet, steamy, and suspenseful story. This is the third book in the series and works well as a standalone, however I wish I had read the previous books prior. Family plays such an important part in this book and I would have really appreciated really understanding and knowing the brothers in this book a little better. The book kicks off with Charlotte having car trouble and Mitch helping a girl out. There is a connection between the two when they meet, but it is complicated. Charlotte has been living with a family that treats her like their own, and Mitch has come to town looking to meet his half brothers technically making him part of this family. A tricky relationship to navigate. Also Midge has a bit of a past that seems to be catching up with him. A definite slow build will they? Won’t they?

I have to say the family in this story was fantastic my favorite part of the book. Loved this family, the mom was amazing and I loved how much all of these brothers cared for one another. They accepted Mitch so willingly and protected Charlotte so fiercely. Although occasionally they frustrated me with how much they were protecting Charlotte from Midge, but I understood. My only tiny complaint is the suspense in the story didn’t necessarily add much to the book. I would’ve probably liked more family time and more time with Charlotte and Midge together. All in all a sweet romance that made me smile.

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*** Big thanks to Harlequin for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

He’s tantalizing trouble she can’t resist….

Charlotte Parrish has always wanted a certain kind of man: someone responsible, settled, boring. Bad boys need not apply. But when her car leaves her stranded and a mysterious stranger with brooding eyes and a protective streak comes to her rescue, she can’t deny how drawn she is to him. In town searching for family he’s never met, Mitch is everything she never thought she wanted – and suddenly everything she craves.

Finding his half-brothers after all these years is more than Mitch Crews has allowed himself to wish for. Finding love never even crossed his mind…until he meets Charlotte. She’s sweet, warmhearted, sexier than she knows – and too damn good for an ex-con like him. But when his past comes back to haunt him, putting Charlotte – and the family he’s come to care for – in danger, Mitch isn’t playing by the rules. He’s already surrendered his heart, but now he’ll risk his life.

©2019 Lori Foster (P)2019 Harlequin Enterprises,

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