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Hello again book buddies!!

I’m super happy to share my review of this little surprise that I didn’t even have on my radar.

Why did you pick this one up Vicci?

Well, funny story, I didn’t even know this book existed, I was chatting to a lovely lady on TBC (THE Book Club) on Facebook and someone was asking for Audio recommendations, I jumped in to give some of my favourites, and ended up in a messenger chat with her.
I sent her an audio with the Audible ‘Send this Book’ option, and luckily she loved it (Phew) and to say thank you, she gifted me a code for her book, I had no idea she was an author either, Anyhoo, I downloaded it, listened to it, and Loved it!!


My Thoughts 

Bella Tyson is a famous author, her genre is crime and she loves to write a good old Murder Mystery, but there is one thing holding her back at the moment, and that is writers block, after a messy and bitter divorce a couple of years ago, she just can’t seem to get back into the swing of it.

She receives an email from a fan who offers her an apartment in Venice to help her with new ideas for her new novel.
Bella obviously jumps at the chance, and soon starts thinking of ideas for her new book.

After arriving in Venice and meeting the very dashing Will, the two set off to see the sights of Venice, well until the murders start happening obviously!

This is brilliant for Bella as she can use these brutal murders for inspiration for her book, but then weird things keep happening that she can’t explain!

A super fun read, I loved Bella’s character, she used humour a lot to get herself out of situations, and I love her for that as I tend to do the same thing, although not as brilliantly as her!

Expertly narrated by Deryn Edwards, who bought Bella’s character to life and showed her sparkling personality.

A short listen at only 6 hours, and well worth grabbing!

**Thank you to the author for gifting me a copy of this book**


About the book 

Dead in VeniceCrime Grant Finalist
By: Fiona Leitch
Narrated by: Deryn Edwards
Length: 6 hrs and 4 mins
Release date: 11-09-18
Publisher: Audible Studios


Bella Tyson is a famous 40-something crime writer suffering from writer’s block ever since a bitter divorce two years before. When a fan offers her the use of an apartment in Venice, Bella jumps at it, hoping a change of scene will have her writing again. Once there, she soon meets Will, a charming Englishman, who shows her around the city.

Enchanted by both Will and her new surroundings, Bella decides to write a supernatural murder mystery and begins researching local legends and the city’s more sinister side, including an illicit visit to the island of Poveglia, spooky former home of Venice’s asylum. Soon Bella uncovers more than she has bargained for and finds herself enmeshed in a series of gruesome real-life murders that uncannily mirror the legends she is researching.

As she and Will join forces to investigate, real life and local lore merge disconcertingly – for nothing in Venice turns out to be what seems, including Will….

Narrated by Deryn Edwards


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