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HappyTuesday y’all!

Excited to share with you today my review for this very delightful story that swept me away to California wine country!🍷

My Thoughts

Beautiful cover. Beautiful setting. Beautiful story.

Jamie Raintree will whisk you away to central California wine country in this lovely story packed with friendship and love. This is a book about forgiveness, family, and finding out who you are. This is the perfect escapist read to take you away after a hard day. So… poor yourself a glass of wine, get comfortable in your favorite reading spot, and transport yourself to the beauty that is wine country.

Can you ever go home again? Mallory is on a visit back home. She hasn’t lived in the small central California town she grew up in for 10 years. She is now living in NYC, but isn’t convinced that’s where she wants to call home. While back home Mallory runs into her ex BFF Kelly. The girls had been best friends since kindergarten, but shortly after high school graduation they had a huge fight and a major fall out. Can the best friends find their way back to one another? And what happens when the very boy who tore them apart shows back up in town?

There really is a lot to the story. A friendship in need of forgiveness, a love story in need of an ending, and a girl in need of a future. I really liked Malory and enjoyed my journey with her character, and I have to say I was just as fickle as she was. I really wanted her to fix things with Kelly and I loved their bucket list. I also really love the bond she had with her parents, and I wanted her to realize she could follow her heart and make her parents happy all at the same time. The romance… Sam was one of those guys you think you should fall in love with, but does that mean that you do? I went back and forth this entire book as to whether or not I thought she should get back together with him. The ending to this book was a little out of left field, but if I’m being honest it is exactly what I wanted, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a follow up!

The perfect book for anyone who loves love, friendship, or wine!

🎧🎧🎧 Jorjeana Marie narrates the audiobook and does an amazing job. She really brought life to the character of Valerie and particular.

*** Big thank you to Harlequin for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Mallory Graham is returning home to the heat and vines of Southern California in search of the peace she can’t find in the city. Her parents’ vineyard is an escape for tourists but full of mixed memories for Mallory. It may also be the one place she can find the forgiveness she seeks. But can things ever go back to the way they once were – in the days before that long, hot, heartbreaking summer? 
Growing up, it was Mallory and Kelly. Kelly and Mallory. Nothing could come between them. That summer before college, bucket list in hand, they greeted every sunrise and chased every sunset. Tattoos – check. Sleeping under the stars – check. 
But when Mallory met Sam, everything changed. Older, experienced, and everything Mallory never knew she wanted, Sam was her first taste of love – and the one adventure Mallory didn’t want to share with Kelly. But Kelly had her own secrets, too, until the night tragedy struck and their perfect summer – and their friendship – unraveled. 
Now, after 10 years away, Mallory is home and determined to make amends. No more secrets, no more half-truths. As Kelly slowly lets her guard down, Mallory convinces her to complete their unfinished list of hopes and dreams. But Mallory’s not the only one back in town, and when Sam reappears, Mallory risks making all the same mistakes – and maybe a few new ones – to try to heal that which was broken.

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