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Thrilled to share with you today my review for this book sure to appeal to all crime thriller fans! Many thanks to Suzy for my invitation to the tour.🧡

My Thoughts

Casey Barrett has crafted a clever fast-paced thriller packed with plenty of action. This is the second book in the DI Duck Darley series, but I don’t feel as though I was at a disadvantage having not read the first. Duck is a hard-working, hard playing, and hard drinking flawed character. He prefers solving problems with his fists rather than his words, and as you would expect this tended to get him in some trouble. New York was the perfect backdrop for the unconventional enigmatic Duck’s antics.

Duck is currently hooking up with a rich divorcee Juliet who has a eight-year-old son Stevie. That is until his old partner Cass calls from the Catskills. Her boyfriend is dead and she is convinced it was murder. Cass’s boyfriend had been writing an article about doping and the East German Olympic team. What follows is a dangerous search for the truth.

This was an interesting story with a unique storyline packed with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. However the jury is still out on most of these characters especially Duck. I seriously had no idea what to make of him? I’d start liking him and then he’d go do something stupid generally while intoxicated and then I had to rethink my feelings, again. Cas was equally confusing, I felt for the girl but… Juliet was a piece of work and I straight up did not like her, but her son Stevie on the other hand was simply adorable. Thank goodness for Stevie, he save the day and redeemed most of the characters in this book.

Gritty and raw this was a well done crime thriller that will appeal to all that enjoy the genre!

*** many thanks to Kensington for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Against Nature: Book Two in the Duck Darley Series

Perched in an airy penthouse above the corrupt streets of Manhattan, unlicensed P.I. Duck Darley has settled into an unlikely domestic routine with a wealthy divorcée and her precocious eight-year-old son. But old nightmares return when a desperate text from Cass Kimball, the former partner Duck once took a bullet to protect, lures him back into sworn-off vices and the sinister world of professional sports . . . 
Cass cries murder after her boyfriend tumbles to his death in the Catskills while researching the tragic doping experiments that changed the lives of East German Olympic athletes during the Cold War. Following the brutal killing of a champion javelin thrower, Cass herself is arrested on charges of double homicide, leaving Duck on an impossible quest for answers while doubting everything he ever believed about his secretive sidekick . . . 
Now, caught between the secret horrors of extreme performance enhancement and shadowy criminals who stalk him relentlessly, it’s sink or swim as Duck stumbles through a reckless investigation that endangers both his life and that of anyone he allows himself to hold dear.

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