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Happy Monday bibliophiles!

Excited to share my audiobook review for this mesmerizing and magical tale! This book was the perfect blend of contemporary, historical, and magic!✨✨✨

My Thoughts

A spellbinding story pact with scandal suspense and the supernatural!

Beautifully told and breathtaking this story brings present and past together. A bewitched gown Whose evil powers have remain strong throughout the years. Nicola Cornick has spun a tale rich with mystery and magic!

This book was narrated by three separate characters, lady Isabella, her maid constants, and Fenella. The 1765 story was fraught with scandal and deceit. These characters were up to all kinds of no good, scheming, smuggling, and debauchery. Seriously these characters would have made for one tantalizing reality television show! Fenella’s present day story was a little tamer. Fenella has recently got out of a bad marriage, but she has now been reunited with the dreaded gown and all that it implies. We first encounter the gown in 1765 when lady Isabella’s abusive husband gifts her with it. Is it a gift or is it a death sentence? When Constance the maid figures out the true motivation behind the gown she ushers it off into hiding. But the gown’s powers are far reaching its capacity to sway compulsion is strong. Over 200 years later Fen happens across the gown at a historic home and cannot help but pinch it. What power does this gown have over whoever possesses it? And can it be stopped?

I loved how this story wove the historical, the contemporary, and the magical together. It really made for one charming tale with some pretty fascinating characters. Isabella, Constance, and Fenella we’re all very strong smart likable characters, each with their own quirks. The story had a wonderful flow to it and kept me entertained and engaged throughout. This was my first book by Nicola Cornick, but it will definitely not be my last. There was just something so mesmerizing and magical about her writing that really captivated the reader in me.

An exquisitely told tale about a bewitched gown seamlessly woven together with threads of the present and the past. Absolutely recommend!

🎧🎧🎧 The audio book was narrated by multiple narrators always enjoy this win the story is told from multiple different points of view. It really gives each character their own voice and eliminates any confusion as to who is narrating at what time. Also something that I thought was really wonderful about this book was the voices of Lady Isabella and Constance sounded much war historical while Fen’s voice sounded very today. I’m not sure if this even makes sense, but it really worked!

🎵🎵🎵 Song Running Through My Head

*** huge thank you to Harlequin and Harper Audio for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Publisher’s Summary

From the best-selling author of House of Shadows and The Phantom Tree comes a spellbinding tale of jealousy, greed, plotting and revenge – part history, part mystery – for fans of Kate Morton, Susanna Kearsley and Barbara Erskine
London, 1765
Lady Isabella Gerard, a respectable member of Georgian society, orders her maid to take her new golden gown and destroy it, its shimmering beauty tainted by the actions of her brutal husband the night before.
Three months later, Lord Gerard stands at the shoreline of the lake, looking down at a woman wearing the golden gown. As the body slowly rolls over to reveal her face, it’s clear this was not his intended victim…
250 Years Later…
When a gown she stole from a historic home as a child is mysteriously returned to Fenella Brightwell, it begins to possess her in exactly the same way that it did as a girl. Soon the fragile new life Fen has created for herself away from her abusive ex-husband is threatened at its foundations by the gown’s power over her until she can’t tell what is real and what is imaginary.
As Fen uncovers more about the gown and Isabella’s story, she begins to see the parallels with her own life. When each piece of history is revealed, the gown – and its past – seems to possess her more and more, culminating in a dramatic revelation set to destroy her sanity.
©2019 Nicola Cornick (P)2019 HarperCollins 

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17 thoughts on “The Woman in the Lake by Nicola Cornick @HarlequinBooks @HarperAudio #bookreview #audiobook #thewomaninthelake

  1. Sounds like a lot was going on in this story with the multiple POVs and cross genre but it seems the author was able to pull it off quite well.Glad you enjoyed this one,Berit.Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was but it didn’t seem like it, and I think that’s a sign of a really good author! I didn’t really realize how much was going on until I started to write my review, does that ever happened to you?


    1. Some narrators do a really good job of creating an entirely different voices for each character you can hardly tell it’s the same person, but when there are multiple perspectives I do appreciate multiple narrators!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! Glad you enjoyed this one too, Berit! It was so good and I bet the audio was good since it had multiple narrators…it drives me nuts when there are multiple points of view and I can’t always tell who is who! Wonderful review!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love multiple narration! But I have seen other reviews were people don’t like it? I don’t understand, but to each their own! Yes I love this book I love the sprinkling of the magical realism throughout it it was a lovely story! Looking forward to more from this author!


      1. I do too! I guess it really is up each person, but I think it sounds more realistic. Some books I’ve disliked, I’ve listened to on audio with multiple narrators, and I’ve enjoyed the story more!

        It’s a great book! She does a wonderful job…I highly recommend The Phantom Tree! I enjoyed both, but I really loved that one!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I can definitely see that happening! Sometimes these narrator is really can make the story, of course they can break it as well! I’ve been listening to audio for ages and they have come such a long way, it’s so thrills me!


      3. They really can make or break a story! I have a love hate relationship with audiobooks because of narrators (and because it takes me forever to listen to them since I rarely drive now that I work from home). I’m hit or miss listening to them but love a good one!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. They are great when cleaning the house and doing laundry and cooking and washing dishes etc. etc. etc.! If you have an iPhone I suggest AirPods they are the best thing ever!


      5. True…I try to listen to them then when my 8 yr old isnt “helping” me, but she’s around more often than not, which is great since she really is a great help. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to listen the books I read lol. But we’ve listened to most of Roald Dahl’s books on audio though! I have tried listening before bed but fall asleep which is crazy since I don’t fall asleep while reading…I guess the voice lulls me to sleep. I’ll have to try the AirPods, thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I hope you are getting plenty of rest and liquid! And I hope you feel better soon!💐


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