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Another day, another Nora Roberts, where has she been all of my life!

Why did I pick it up? – I’m not sure why I didn’t ever pick up anything by Nora Roberts, I think I’ve mentioned before that The Witness is one of my favourite reads, but for some reason I had the idea that Roberts was a bit like Danielle Steele or Mills & Boon (I have no idea why)
So her books didn’t even pass my radar.

Silly me, i’m currently making my way through a few of them, and I’ve loved them all so far!

This one had me gasping, swooning, and wishing I was part of the family. To me, it felt a little like one of the Rock Chick books by Kristen Ashley with all of the family dynamics, and I loved it!

My Thoughts

This story is about Shelby Foxworth, she comes from a “hick” town in Tennessee, and was swept off of her feet by a rich businessman. They were married very quickly and soon became pregnant.

A boating holiday was to be the downfall of their marriage, unfortunately due to her daughter being ill, Shelby stayed behind, but her husband nevertheless went alone, there was an accident, and he died.

When Shelby starts to deal with the aftermath, bills etc. she comes to find that her husband wasn’t the man she thought she married at all, in fact, alongside the millions of dollars in debt that he left her in, it also seems that he was a cheater and a liar, in fact he didn’t even really exist at all!

Moving back to her family home she tries to start living her life again, but trouble has a way of catching up with you!

🎧🎧 – Narrated by my #VoiceCrush January LaVoy, who was awesome as always, this one was a fantastic read.


About the book

The extraordinary new novel by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Collector.

Shelby Foxworth lost her husband. Then she lost her illusions …

The man who took her from Tennessee to an exclusive Philadelphia suburb left her in crippling debt. He was an adulterer and a liar, and when Shelby tracks down his safe-deposit box, she finds multiple IDs. The man she loved wasn’t just dead. He never really existed.

Shelby takes her three-year-old daughter and heads south to seek comfort in her hometown, where she meets someone new: Griff Lott, a successful contractor. But her husband had secrets she has yet to discover. Even in this small town, surrounded by loved ones, danger is closer than she knows—and threatens Griff, as well. And an attempted murder is only the beginning …


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12 thoughts on “The Liar by Nora Roberts #NoraRoberts @justjanuary @audible_com #AudiobookReview #Mystery #Romance

  1. Nora roberts is one of my favorite authors. i’ve read over a 100 of her books, most of her series and the JD Rob in death series.
    The witness is also one of my favorite books by her, and the liar, although it got a lot of negative reviews , was indeed swoon worthy.
    Whenever i’m in a reading slump, i turn to Nora Robers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It got lots of negative reviews, really? I’m not sure why it was fab. I’m still to pick up the JD Robb books but I think I’m going to have to as I’m loving her writing style.

      V x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. the negative reviews are because she readers wanted her to change the theme. Me, i enjoy her books, no matter if the theme is the same. whenever i want variety from her, i read from her in death series or fantasy trilogy.
        Try The Obsession, it’s really good too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That one is next on my list, along with The Collector x

        Why change the theme? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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    1. Yes i just love her narration, I’ve picked up loads because she is reading them. I listened to Jar of Hearts recently because she narrated it, loved that one too lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m absolutely loving her, i wish i had discovered her earlier, she has a massive back catalogue lol


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