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Happy Thursday everybody!

Bringing you my review today for another group read this time with my Besties Mackenzie and Jennifer💕 We all took a little detour from our usual reeds and read this very interesting alternate history with a splash of magic!✨✨

Breach by W L Goodwater

My Thoughts

This was an interesting story of alternate history laced with magic…

This is definitely not my usual read, but it was a nice change of pace… as a child of the 70s and 80s and with a father who worked in aerospace I was always well aware of the Cold War… in fact after the age of 10 I was not allowed to go inside my father’s work, in case I were a Russian spy not even sure if I’m allowed to say this… They might have to kill me😉

This book was set after WWII in Germany, it took me a while to figure out exactly when this book took place… I’m not even sure how important this is? But because this is not my usual genre I was a little fixated on it…. so sometime after WWII and the Berlin wall being erected… but this is no ordinary wall, it is a wall built of magic…. it is a wall that is hiding something and keeping the peace…. without this wall there is a chance of a possible WWIII… kind of tough to wrap your head around, especially when you witnessed the wall coming down and thought of it as being a triumphant moment…

The female protagonist in this book was fantastic, a woman fighting her way in a man’s world…. really liked Karen and I was a little frustrated when the story switched to someoneelse’s point of view… I truly would have been happy had the story Ben told Soli from her viewpoint… The magic was fascinating, however I would’ve liked a little more information on the magic system… but seeing as though the characters themselves weren’t entirely clear on the magic, I guess it is understandable that I wasn’t either…. The last 25% of this book was pretty much nonstop action with lots of magic, and the ending…. a bit of a cliffy…..

All in all a good book a definite detour from my regular reads….

*** many thanks to the team at Berkley Publishing for bringing this book to my attention and for the copy ***

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About the Book


When Soviet magicians conjured an arcane Wall to blockade occupied Berlin, the world was outraged but let it stand for the sake of peace. Now after 10 years of fighting with spies instead of spells, the CIA has discovered the unthinkable:


While refugees and soldiers mass along the border, operatives from East and West converge on the most dangerous city in the world to stop or take advantage of the crisis.

Karen, a young magician with the American Office of Magical Research and Deployment, is sent to investigate the breach in the Wall and see if it can be reversed. Instead she will discover that the truth is elusive in this divided city, and that even magic itself has its own agenda.



Book friends are the best friends! Berit☀️✨

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