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Thrilled to share with you today my review for this delightful tale of secrets, betrayals, and lies! Another fun and fabulous read with my BOOK BESTIES💕

City of Secrets by Victoria Thompson

My Thoughts

Secrets and blackmale and lies…oh my!

A compelling and engaging story from first page to last… this was a well-crafted perfectly paced story set in 1920s New York…. This is the second book in the Counterfeit Lady series, I did not read the first and I was not lost at all, can definitely be read as a standalone… although I might go back and read the first to get some of the backstory on these marvelous characters….

The strength of the story I felt was in these captivating, charming, and quirky characters…. Elizabeth and Gideon’s seemingly completely opposite personalities added such a rich layer to the story…. what happens when a con artist and a straight laced lawyer fall in love? Well I’m not sure what will ultimately happened with Elizabeth and Gideon‘s romance, but I can tell you it does make for one compulsive read! Not sure how I would classify this book I wouldn’t necessarily call it a mystery, what it was though was a book that fully immersed me in the lives of these characters…. a story filled with delicious scheming, conniving, and trickery… Loved how Elizabeth and Gideon Sought justice in very different ways…. also loved how the women in this story were the brains of the operation!

Viktoria Thompson definitely has a way with words… The historical aspects of the story were well researched, really made me want to read more books that take place in the 20s…. the writing was stellar, making for an effortless Reid… this is my first book from Miss Thompson, but I can guarantee it will not be my last! It is always a delight to discover a new to you author….

Absolutely recommend to anyone who enjoys a well written historical story with a cozy 20s gangster vibe…

*** A big thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book ***

About the Books

Con artist Elizabeth Miles has determined that Society is the biggest con of all. So far, Elizabeth’s only real social success has been with Priscilla Knight. Priscilla is a dedicated suffragist who was recently widowed for the second time in her young life. Her beloved first husband, DeForrest Jenks, died in a tragic accident and left her with two young daughters and a comfortable fortune. Soon after his death, her pastor convinced her she needed a man to look after her. Before she knew it, he had engineered a whirlwind courtship and hasty marriage to fellow parishioner Endicott Knight. Less than nine months later, Endicott is also dead in a somewhat less tragic and even more suspicious accident.

Priscilla confides to Elizabeth that she had understood Endicott was wealthy in his own right, and she had brought a sizeable fortune to the marriage as well. Now her banker is telling her she has hardly any money left and that her house has been mortgaged. The banker has hinted at a scandal that could damage the family’s reputation and her daughters’ future prospects. Fearing destructive gossip, Priscilla doesn’t know whom to trust.

Elizabeth discovers some unsavory evidence that seems to point to the possibility that Endicott’s death may have been connected to blackmail. To save her new friend’s future, Elizabeth must use her special set of skills to find the truth. 


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