The Stranger Game by Peter Gadol @HarlequinBooks #bookreview

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Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Excited to share with you today my review for this compelling book that will make you think 💭🤔

The Stranger Game by Peter Gadol

My Thoughts

Always remember the three simple rules….

1 pick your subjects at random.

2 NO contact.

3 never follow the same subject twice!

easy enough, right? But what am I talking about, what game?These are the rules for the game sweeping the nation the “Stranger Game“… A game taking social media, reality television, and people watching a step further…. have you ever been out to dinner and wondered what was going on in the life of the couple sitting at the table next to you? Perhaps you leaned a little closer to get a bit of a listen? But after they get up from the table you don’t give it much thought…. not the case with the Stranger Game, you would get up after them and follow them for as long as you could, without getting caught… now I am as nosy as the next person, but I really did not get the allure of this game… for me it was a bit creepy and stalkerish…. but it sure made for a compelling and haunting read, there was something sinister and Erie running throughout this story….

Rebecca is concerned after not hearing from her on again off again boyfriend Ezra for several weeks… The police dismiss her concerns convinced he must be playing the Stranger Game…. so Rebecca takes it upon herself to investigate and starts playing the game herself, in order to find out where Ezra could have gone to? But there is more to the game then those three simple rules, the game has taken a turn in the wrong direction…. soon Rebecca finds herself involved with someone who is taking this game to an entirely different level…. I have to admit just like Rebecca I was baffled and suspicious for a lot of the book… where was Ezra? What was the purpose of the game? Or was there even one?

This book truly sucked me in and it was a very quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed with the exception of the ending… that ending just fell a little flat and did not ring true… and believe me I can suspend believe like no other, and I will be honest if it was more spectacular perhaps I would’ve been more willing to buy it! Never the less I thought this was a good social commentary on our obsession with social media without being too preachy…. how big of an impact do the lives of others have on our own? Even those we have no relationship with? In a world of likes and follows, can we ever be good enough? There is something very dream like about this book, or shall I say nightmarish? A book that will both disturb you and intrigue you at the same time, much like social media or reality TV!

Recommend to those who enjoy a well written story that will really make you think… not sure I would call this a thriller but I am not sure how else I would classify it?

*** thank you very much to harlequin for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

A literary suspense novel told with the style of Patricia Highsmith and Paul Auster, in which an eerie social game goes viral and spins perilously — and criminally — out of control.

Rebecca’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Ezra has gone missing, but when she notifies the police they seem surprisingly unconcerned. They suspect he has been playing the “stranger game,” a viral hit in which players start following others in real-life, as they might otherwise do on social media. As the game spreads, however, the rules begin to change, play grows more intense, and disappearances are reported across the country.

Curious about this popular new obsession, and hoping that she might be able to track down Ezra, Rebecca tries the game for herself. She also meets Carey, a player willing to take the game further than she imagined possible. As her relationship with Carey and involvement in the game deepen, she begins to uncover an unsettling subculture that has infiltrated the world around her. In playing the stranger game, what may lead her closer to finding Ezra may lead her further and further from the life she once lived.

A thought-provoking, haunting novel, The Stranger Game unearths the connections, both imagined and real, that we build with the people around us in the physical and digital world, and where the boundaries blur between them. 

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