The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary by Martii Maclean @MacleanMartii @rararesources #bookreview

Happy Saturday book lovers!

Excited to share with you today my review for this delightful book perfect for the younger reader! A huge thank you to Rachel for my invitation to the blog tour and two Martii MacleanFor her delightful stories!😌🧜🏻‍♀️

The Adventures of Isabel Necessary

The Adv - mmaclean-isabelle-cover-printThe Adventures of Isabelle Necessary

One gutsy eleven-year-old, a cool beach town, a hilarious crew of friends and oodles of adventures.

Once upon a beach, there was a girl called Isabelle Necessary. A girl with an unusual name and a rather extraordinary life. She roams around a sleepy beach town with her loyal team of friends.  Follow Isabelle, Tammy, David, Nin, Draino the cat and Champ the wonder dog as they navigate one sticky situation after another and figure out how to turn a frog into a movie star, deal with a never-ending milkshake and escape being trapped in a lighthouse.

The type of book that brings back childhood memories and captures the essence of being a free-spirited kid.

Perfect for teachers and educators as the book comes with a teacher’s resource guide and student maker kit by Isabelle Necessary herself. Middle-grade reading level.

My Thoughts

This was a fun sweet book full of nostalgia and adventure!🐱🐶🐸

Cats, and dogs, and frogs, oh my! This is the story or rather 15 stories of Isabell Necessary and her adventures… Isabell is a delightful and inquisitive child who lives with her parents in a big house overlooking Mermaid Cove… Isabel‘s parents are up too many important things so it is necessary for them to leave Isabell behind with her great aunt Emma… Great aunt Emma lives in a retirement community and Isabell spends her days exploring Saggy Beach 🏖

Each chapter in this book is a different adventure and they involve such things as haunted houses, dog training, cat rescuing, store running, and so much more! Isabel has all kinds of fun in this retirement community most of the time accompanied by her friend Tammy…. this is a book I would’ve absolutely loved as a young girl… my vivid imagination would have loved picturing myself in these adventures with Isabel and friends…. as a mother I was a bit disturbed that her parents were MIA, but it did make for some good stories and this actually seems to happen quite a bit in books?!?

A fun book that you will adore as a child and treasure as an adult, filled with stories that will leave a big smile on your face🙂

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The Adv - authorbiopic_MartiiMacleanAuthor Bio – Martii Maclean lives in a tin shack by the sea, catching sea-gulls which she uses to make delicious pies, and writing weird stories. She likes going for long bicycle rides with her cat, who always wears aviator goggles to stop her whiskers blowing up into her eyes as they speed down to the beach to search for mermaid eggs. Or how about this…

Martii Maclean writes fantastical, adventurous tales for children and teens and sometimes adults. She was born in Sydney, Australia and now lives in Brisbane with her husband Trevor and her cat Minerva. Her work as an educator and librarian, allows her to share her love of stories and of story-telling with many young people. This inspires Martii to create thought-filled stories that explore the wonderful world of ‘what if’. Find out more about Martii and her stories at

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Where will your book adventures take you today? Berit☀️✨

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