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The last day of August! Time to start the countdown to Christmas! Kidding! Today I am excited to share with you my review for this wonderful book! Many thanks to Sarah for my invitation and to Patricia Dixon for her lovely words💜

they don't know

Daisy meets Adam on their first day at Manchester University and they immediately become firm friends, inseparable and happy in each other’s company. But when tongues begin to wag and their relationship is questioned, for the first time in his life Adam shares his secret with Daisy. Daisy promises to stand by him and keep his secret.

When their Grandmother dies, Adam’s older brother, Ryan, returns from abroad and Daisy quickly falls for him.

After a troubled upbringing at the hands of a drunken mother and jailbird father, Adam and Ryan only have each other. In adulthood their bond holds firm, glued together by Daisy with whom they are now both in love.

Adam struggles with his secret and the fear of ever losing Daisy to another man. Is he besotted and quietly controlling and soon the past starts to influence his choices.

Ryan is motivated, selfish and sees everything in black and white, living in a military world that shields him from the demons of his past, bringing order to his life.

And in the middle is Daisy who loves both of them and makes a promise to each. One she sets free, the other she vows to protect and never abandon.

But when tragedy strikes can Daisy ever find happiness?

They Don’t Know is a beautiful novel about the promises we make and the different kinds of love.

My Thoughts

A beautiful and captivating story that will touch on every single one of your emotions…. once again I had to bust out the Kleenex, another book that made me cry with both happiness and heartbreak… with characters that were so well developed that I was convinced I would know them if I saw them walking down the street… and might I add if I did see them walking down the street I’d invite them to have dinner and drinks with me, I’d love to spend an evening with these three….

Daisy and Adam meet one another there first day of University… A beautiful sweet and lifelong friendship begins… The bond between these two was so strong, I was confused just like some others as to why they weren’t more than friends… but Adam has a secret, and it is not what you think…. Adams older brother Ryan also enters the picture making this twosome a threesome…. there is a love triangle, there is miscommunication, and there is heart break…. so… will these three ever be completely honest with one another? Will they lay all their secrets on the table? Will anyone get a happily ever after? Well you will need to read this book to find that out!

Strongly recommend if you enjoy a love story with wonderful characters and all the feels💕

Patricia+DixonAuthor Bio:

Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grown up children and one grandson, plus the company of a lazy bulldog.

Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood.

Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned her hand to writing. Patricia has written five novels set in the Loire and then, in complete contrast, a much darker story of psychological suspense.

She is currently writing her next book, a murderous tale set in the sixties and if she’s not at her desk Patricia loves to read historical fiction or attempts recipes that look great on television but not necessarily her plate. And when the penny jar is full she cashes in her coins and heads to France, the lure of red wine and escapism equalled only by the pursuance of her dream job, writing for a living.

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