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Thrilled to be part of the blog tour and share with you today my review for this debut! Many thanks to Noelle for my invitation and to Rona Halsall for her story!💛


What if trying to protect your child only put them in danger?

Natalie is desperate to find her little boy. It has been more than three years since she saw Harry. Three long years in prison for a crime she knows she didn’t commit.

But her husband believed the police, and took their son.

Who has gone to such great lengths to destroy Natalie’s life? Everyone she once trusted – friends, family, all the people close to her – what secrets do they hide?

If Natalie finds the truth, will she get Harry back, or lose him forever?

A totally gripping psychological thriller – perfect for fans of Big Little LiesThe Girl on the Train and C.L. Taylor.

My Thoughts

4 Debut Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a well written and well constructed debut! I think it would be so frustrating to be convicted of a crime that you did not commit… One time I had a bill stolen out of my mailbox and somebody cashed the check… Long story short the bank reimburse me immediately, but my lovely homeowner’s association who did not receive their payment was very hesitant to believe me… and I was so frustrated…. but I was frustrated in the comfort of my own home not in jail like Natalie… and because I’m sure you all want a conclusion to this wonderful story they did eventually believe me, or at least they said they did!

Natalie a new mother working for her husband‘s business is accused and convicted of embezzlement…. A crime Natalie has no recollection of however she has been having some trouble with her memory… Natalie‘s husband Tom chooses to believe the police and is less than supportive…. and while Natalie was incarcerated Tom moves to a different country with their little boy Harry…

My heart broke for Natalie… when she finally gets out of jail her only desire is to find her son…. The book is primarily told from Natalie‘s point of view with alternating timelines of then and now… we also get some narrative from somebody keeping an eye on Natalie, it was a little creepy…. Learning about Natalie’s time in jail was interesting, however it was a little reminiscent of another book that came out recently… I really rooted for Natalie in this book and wanted her to reconnect with her little boy…. and even though the outcome was a little predictable I really enjoyed watching things unfold….

Recommend this well done debut and I’m looking forward to see what is next for Rona Halsall …

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

rona_halsall-095 copyAuthor Bio:

Rona’s debut psychological thriller, Keep You Safe is out on 17th August and her second novel will be out in November 2018.

Rona lives on the Isle of Man with her husband, two dogs and three guinea pigs. She has been a bookworm since she was a child and now she’s actually creating stories of her own, which still feels like a dream come true.

She is an outdoorsy person and loves stomping up a mountain, walking the coastal paths and exploring the wonderful beaches on the Island while she’s plotting how to kill off her next victim. She also makes sure she deletes her Google history on a regular basis, because… well, you can’t be too careful when you spend your life researching new and ingenious ways for people to die.

She has three children and two step-children who are now grown up and leading varied and interesting lives, which provides plenty of ideas for new stories!

Social Media Links:

To find out more about Rona’s novels, go to or follow @RonaHalsallAuth on Twitter.

Keep You Safe - Blog Tour

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Dangerous Girl by Emma Tallon @EmmaEsj @Bookouture #BookReview #PubDay

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Thrilled to be part of the blog blitz and share with you my review for this fabulous book! Many thanks to Noelle for my invitation and to Emma Tallon for her brilliant words💛

My Thoughts

4 Dangerous Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is the second book in this thriller with a mobster twist… I picked up the first book not knowing it was all about the gritty underbelly of London but… WOW what a surprise, I absolutely loved it! And this book was even better! It was these fabulous characters that drew me in and the action packed plot that kept me entertained…

Freddy who so reminds me of Sonny Corinthos of General Hospital… he is that strong, hot, lovable, bad guy… The perfect guy if it weren’t for things such as murder and smuggling, LOL in this book Freddie and Anna have been together for three years and are still going strong! The club that Anna owns with her BFF Tonya is flourishing… but someone is missing and it is Freddys duty to find them, otherwise the unthinkable will happen… Mobster law is all about blackmail, threats, honor, and loyalty after all!

This thriller has plenty of twists and turns… it will lead you in one direction and then zig in an entirely different direction…. but the truth star of this book are the fabulous characters and wonderful relationships…. Freddie is fiercely loyal especially when it comes to his family and Anna… he will stop at nothing to protect them! Another fabulous relationship in this book is Anna and Tonya I love this strong female friendship….

Another wonderful installment in this series that is a little different from my normal read… excited to see what is next for Freddie, Anna, and Tonya….

Absolutely recommend when you are in the mood for a gritty story with some pretty darn amazing characters!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

About the Book


If you love Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, Casey Kelleher and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Dangerous Girl.

Sometimes your enemies are closer than you think

Anna is finally happy. She’s rid of her abusive ex and she’s co-owner of London’s hottest new club, with her best friend Tanya. But she is worried about her boyfriend, Freddie. He’s keeping things from her. And he won’t tell her where he goes in the middle of the night.

Freddie is furious. A girl has gone missing from one of his clubs and the police are all over him. When a familiar face turns up and threatens him, he’s offered a deal – find the girl or Anna will be killed.

With time running out, Freddie risks everything to save Anna’s life. And if there’s one thing Freddie Tyler is known for, it’s that he never gives up. Not without a fight…

 Available Today!

Author Bio:

Emma Tallon is a British, gritty crime writer, adventurer, Londoner and mother to a young son. Starting her career a few years ago as a ghostwriter, Emma crafted some of the most adventurous, edgy and heart-wrenching stories you can find on the shelves today.

In March 2017 Emma stepped out of the literary shadows and self-published her first book, Life Game. The book was an instant success, the results far exceeding anything she had expected. As news of Life Games popularity spread, she joined forces with W.F.Howes and the audiobook was launched in October 2017.

In December 2017, Emma signed a three book deal with publishers Bookouture. This included Life Game which was changed, re-edited and re-released as Runaway Girl.

Drawing inspiration for her books from a mixture of her own observations and an active imagination, the characters Emma paints are colourful and larger than life. Her story lines are an interesting recipe of deep emotion and violent grit, that keep her readers engrossed.

With two more books in the works for this series already, Emma has many more stories planned out for the future.

Social Media Links:

For more information on Emma or to join her mailing list, please go to: or alternatively, follow her on Facebook: or on Twitter: @EmmaEsj


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