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Because of Him

Because of Him by Terri E. Laine

🌟🌟🌟🌟·5 Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover Stars


Past and present intertwine with light and dark to tell a story …Because of Him 

Something inside me fiercely craves normal.
Sheltered all my life and taught to be afraid, I want to be bold, fearless.
Up until now I’ve kept myself and my heart safe.
Tade Astor, a guy so hot he steals my breath away, jeopardizes it all.

He isn’t the kind of guy to give up on what he wants—me.
He’s determined to prove my safe world is missing something—him.
Even though he may not be the cocky guy I assumed him to be…
He’s definitely not the guy I should give my heart to.
But each time I see him, he becomes harder to resist.
I want to be brave and give him a chance… though it might come back to haunt me.

At the heart of Because of Him is a love story. But due to certain sensitive topics, it might not be suitable for all readers.


Well this one was certainly a surprise read for me, looking at the cover i was thinking it was going to be my normal boy meets girl, sweet and sexy romance that i like, and then BAM, it all changed in an instant.

This one is a dark one guys, it contains things that are not very nice so you need to be aware of this before you go in thinking it will be sweet and fluffy like me!

Tade Astor is the epitome of college hot bad boy, his family has connections, and he is quite happy bed hopping and is not looking for a relationship as he has his life mapped out in front of him.

Reagan Winters is getting by as best she can, considering her mother is so over protective it’s disturbing, she has never learned how to drive, doesn’t have a bank account, isn’t looking for a man or a relationship.

After a brief encounter Tade decides that Biscuit aka Reagan will be his, and after a few close encounters they start to date, but they both have secrets that they are hiding from each other!

Along with this story, another is intertwined, this is where the story gets dark.
Told by someone you don’t know, is a story about another person, a person who is traffiked, beaten and raped, although the details are not hugely graphic, they are still enough to be a warning for anyone who may be triggered by this.

This Mystery unfolds throughout the book and is done brilliantly, i had no idea until the end, although i had my suspicions.

🎧🎧 Narrated by a new to me but new voice crush Jason Clarke, and the always awesome Erin Mallon, this is one to add to your TBR pile.

Prepare your OMG faces and go in blind!


Bryce by Nana Malone @NanaMalone #SebastianYork #TraciOdom #VNerdsRare19Challenge

So i have managed to bag myself tickets to Rare19 in London Baby!!!!! Anyone else going??

There is going to be about 150+ authors signing, plus a few audio narrators going (eeek, i’m even more excited about that!)

So i am challenging myself to read 1 book from as many of the attending authors as i can, wish me luck 😱

What, if any signings have you been to, did you manage to meet any of your unicorns?


Bryce by Nana Malone

🌟🌟🌟·5 Wimbledon Stars


Money, power, prestige…failure. Bryce Coulter is The Player.

Don’t call it a come back….Because no one else is. Poised to live up to his legacy, tennis player, Blake Colby, loses it all on one swing. Now, with the pressure on and his future in jeopardy, the last thing he needs is a smart-mouthed, training partner with attitude and a killer swing — or maybe she’s exactly what he needs.

Rich, spoiled and moneyed — seen that, been dragged through the dirt behind that. Tami Ivey, gets enough of the bad boy trust fund kids at work. She doesn’t need it in her sanctuary too. Playing tennis is the only way to connect to the girl she used to be before tragedy struck. The day Bryce Coulter turns up at her court, she turns on that classic attitude. If there’s anything she’s learned it’s how to make a guy run. Except, he’s not running. And maybe she doesn’t want him to….


New author to me Nana Malone makes this one new author for me to look out for.

This was a lovely little sports romance, rich famous tennis player, meets poor ex tennis player.

Bryce Coulter is a semi famous tennis player, he has had an injury and had to have an operation so he is not playing at the moment.
This doesn’t stop his filly of bed mates though, his family name makes him just as attractive as he is!

Tami Ivey has had a bit of a rough time, she was at one point a professional tennis player, but gave this up to look after her sick, dying mother.

A couple of years later she also has another devastating blow, and finds herself dating a horrid man that treats her really badly.
So tennis helps her forget her life problems.

Bryce and Tami meet one evening while she is practicing, and he decides that she is the one for him, only she doesn’t see it that way!

Doing all of the chasing, Bryce and Tami start dating, but it isn’t without it’s hurdles, and Bryce’s family don’t help either!

🎧🎧 Narrated by Sebastian York #SebYes and new to me narrator Traci Odom, who did a great job, Mr York is a narrator that i openly stalk on Audible, so this book was a no brainer for me, and the pair did a great job.

Crack out the strawberries and cream!