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Mercy by Debra Anastasia

⭐⭐⭐⭐·5 Skulltastic stars


He taught me to kill. Murder is in my blood now. It runs through my veins and though I hide the monster I see in the mirror with ink, it doesn’t keep him from coming out.

My street name is Mercy, but I never show any. Except for her. I watch Becca, though she doesn’t know. She saved me a long time ago; the day my father killed my mother. Her bravery turned her into a target.

My father holds a grudge and knife with the same proficiency, and Becca is the focus of his hatred. And I’m the only monster who can save her.


Ho-hum another book another tattooed guy what’s a girl to do!!

Fenix ‘Nix’ for short is a troubled boy, he has had a really bad upbringing by a really nasty father.

Beaten and mentally tortured by his father, Nix is waiting for the day he is old enough to leave.

On a random shopping spree his father goes into his usual threats, this day however he is spotted by someone who comes over to help unfortunately it is only a little girl named Rebecca.

She stands up for him when no one else ever has and Nix never forgets her.

Becca now waits tables at a local bar and Nix has turned into a cold hard killer, to stop him from looking like his father he is tattooed with a skeleton from head to foot.

Nix never forgot Becca and knows where she works, in fact he knows where she lives, who her friends are, and spends his time making sure that she’s safe, Becca doesn’t know this obviously and goes about her days in complete ignorance.

A chance for Nix to meet Becca arrives when the bar has a Day of the Dead themed party, everyone has their face painted so Nix just blends right in.

I loved the way this book developed and I love the relationship between Nix and Animal he was such a brilliant friend I hope that there is a book for him soon.

🎧🎧 Narrated by two of my favourite people Muffy Newtown and Zachary Webber.

These two take the book to a whole new level, Muffy’s man voice will make you swoon and Zachary voice as usual is off the chart hot 🔥🔥