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The Lost For Words Bookshop

The Lost for Words Bookshop by Stephanie Butland

4 Bibliophile Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Loveday Cardew prefers books to people. If you look carefully, you might glimpse the first lines of the novels she loves most tattooed on her skin. But there are some things Loveday will never, ever show you. Into her hiding place – the bookstore where she works – come a poet, a lover, and three suspicious deliveries. Someone has found out about her mysterious past. Will Loveday survive her own heartbreaking secrets?

My Thoughts

4 Bibliophile Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a lovely quirky book filled with books and charm… this was a very uplifting read that put a smile on my face… and even though the characters in this book did not have the most ideal of lives at all times… they all had a love for books and eventually found love for themselves and others…

Loveday is a lovely quirky character… who truly underestimates herself and those around her…. my heart broke for her so many times, she really had a rough childhood and the result of that was tremendous distrust…. she was so fortunate to have two wonderful men enter her life… Archie her boss… and Nathan her love interest…. both these gentlemen were truly genuine good guys…. and I loved the development of her relationships with both of them…

This book will appeal to all book lovers! From the setting in the delightful second hand book shop… to the book quotes tattooed on Loveday… to all the many book references…. I also have to say I appreciate the fact that not every book reference in this book was made to a classic… not every book enthusiast loves the classics… including myself!

Absolutely recommend for a pleasant summer read to anyone who is a fan of quirky characters, books, or a good story…

*** Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press for my copy of this book ***

Love and Words 💋Berit 💛

The Upside of Falling by Meghan Quinn @AuthorMegQuinn @InkSlingerPR #BookReview #BlogTour

Happy Sunday! Thrilled to be part of the blog tour for this beautiful romance💕

Tucked away at the base of the Rocky Mountains lived a little boy with one singular dream: leave this broken and battered home and become someone.

Be somebody’s hero.

That boy was me—Colby Brooks. Except I’m not that same little boy anymore.

My dreams might still be the same, but my reality isn’t.

I’m smarter. Stronger. A man.

And I learned a long damn time ago, the only way to achieve my dreams was to avoid distractions—at any cost.

Focus. Resolve. Determination.

But all it took was one single night. One night and my entire life…changed.

One night had me colliding head first with the biggest distraction of my life; Rory Oaks.

Smart. Charming. Beautiful.

Rory changed everything.

Quickly, my one-track mind started to bend.

Each kiss faded decade-long dreams.

And with one single incident, I fly off course.

My Thoughts

5 High Flying Stars🛩 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Meghan Quinn… Wow what a book! And that ending? What a cliffhanger, cannot wait for the next book in this duology… going to be clever and compare this book to a plane trip… I was all buckled up and ready to go and was thrilled there was a smooth take off… there was some turbulence on the flight, but then it smoothed out, and then some more turbulence…. The landing was pretty darn rocky and then when I got off the plane??? I was NOT where I thought I would be, how in the world did I get here? And what am I gonna do now that I am? Miss Quinn you have some explaining to do!

In this book we meet Colby and Rory… Colby’s dream is to be a fighter pilot and he is almost there about to graduate from the Air Force Academy… Colby had a tough childhood and has done nothing but kept his eye on the prize for the past several years…. when he meets Rory at a party he is very standoffish almost bordering being rude…. Rory is a sweet, beautiful, confident, and determined girl…. when these two finally get together things really sizzle! The problem… Colby’s dreams will take him out of Colorado Springs and Rory has obligations to her family that tie her there…

Will Colby and Rory find their HEA? Will they fly off into the sunset or make a crash landing??? You need to read this to find out! And you really do need to read it!

Absolutely recommend to fans of beautiful emotional Romances filled with love and tough decisions💕

*** many thanks to the author for my copy of this beautiful book ***


Head turned down, pushing the sleeves of his white Henley up his arms, he swaggers toward me. His jeans hang low on his hips, held up by the same brown belt he wore the other night. His narrow waist directs my eyes to the center of his jeans, and I can’t help wonder what might be behind the crotch of his pants.

And then there is his chest. Barrel like, broad and prominent. His thick biceps showcase his strength, and the fabric of his shirt stretches over his shoulders and forearms. Having spent a lot of time at the gym, I’ve seen every body type, but Colby’s is different. He’s strong, built, but not like a body builder. His body seems to suggest the only kind of weight he’s been lifting is his own body, pushup after pushup. I can’t imagine there being barbells in his workouts, but I can imagine logs, cadets, and heavy machinery. He has working muscles, the kind you earn from hard, dedicated work on the field. In a word? Impressive.

Walking up to Stryder, he grips his friend’s shoulder and says something into his ear. A smirk crosses Stryder’s face before he moves over to our side of the bowling alley and takes Colby’s place.

Is he leaving? Already?

Might as well at this point. It’s not like he’s going to talk to me, not after my pathetic attempt at a bet. I should have known I was going to hang out in the gutter all night. It’s where I usually am when I’m bowling. I blame the ball. The thing has a vendetta against me.

Sighing, I prop my chin in my hand and watch Stryder expertly toss his ball down the lane, getting a strike . . . once again. And just like every other strike, he pumps his arm up in the air and celebrates. We get it, you’re good, no need to—


That voice . . .

Stunned, eyes wide, not able to move, not wanting to scare him away, I keep my eyes trained forward, soaking in that beautifully deep voice of his for a brief moment before saying, “Hey.”

“Can I sit here?”

Still keeping my eyes trained forward, I say, “Sure.”

My body tingles with awareness of how close he is to me, that fresh laundry scent invading my senses, prickling the little hairs on my arm. My body leans toward his, wanting a little more, searching for anything else he might give me. I don’t know why he’s choosing to engage me in conversation, but I’m sure as hell not moving while he does.

“Sorry about tonight,” he says and he actually sounds sincere.

“Why are you sorry?” I mumble.

Reaching around, he takes my cheek in his hand. The callouses on his palm rubbing against my skin is a welcome sensation. As I’m turned toward him, I steady my breathing. I’m having a hard time slowing my heart rate because of his close proximity, and the unexpected touch shooting a wave of heat through my veins.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to ask me any questions. I didn’t think you were going to suck that bad.” A playful smile tugs at his lips, and my heart sinks to the floor. Oh God, he’s so gorgeous, especially when he smiles.

Matching his smirk, I say, “I didn’t think I was going to suck that bad either.”

“I feel bad.”

“You should.” That garners a laugh, deep and throaty, the sound cloaking me like a shield, protecting me from the outside world, bringing me into a little bubble where we are the only two that exist.

“Ask me a question.”

Shocked, I swallow hard and say, “Really?”

He nods and holds up his fingers. “You get three.”

“Oh, three? Wow, I feel like you just gave me the key to your soul.”

Rolling his eyes, he adjusts his stance on the barstool and leans back, giving us some space, our knees still knocking into each other. “Easy killer; it’s just three questions.”

“Yeah, three questions I didn’t have before.” Tapping my chin, I try to think of good questions, but now that I have him willing and waiting, nothing comes to mind. I wasn’t prepared for this, he caught me off-guard, and now I feel I can’t be strategic about my probing. “Hmm . . . what do you like to do on the weekends?”

“Jump,” he answers.

Searching his eyes, lips quirked, I say, “Uh, you’re going to have to be more specific than that. What kind of jumping are we talking here? Like jump roping? Because that seems kind of weird to do on the weekends, and if you tell me you’re in some kind of jump-roping club at the academy, I’m not going to believe you.”

His lips curve up as he scratches the side of his jaw. “Jump out of airplanes.”



That’s . . .

Uh, that’s really hot.

“So you just casually jump out of airplanes?”

“I’m part of the Wings of Blue, the academy’s parachute team. We jump every day, at least two to three times a day after class and before dinner, depending on wind and ceiling limits. On the weekends, some of the guys, including Stryder and me, go to Springs East Airport and do civilian jumps. The more jumps we get in, the higher the chance we’ll be considered for big demonstrations, like parachuting into football games and major sporting events for the Rockies and Broncos.” Ummmm. Did anyone else just hear how many words he gifted me? And seriously? Does the man have no clue how incredibly sexy he is when he talks about something he loves? The expression on his face . . .

“Wow, that’s . . . that’s really hot.” I chuckle. “Sorry, I don’t mean to fangirl over your parachuting, but I guess I wasn’t expecting that answer. You just jump out of planes?”

He slowly nods. “Every day.”

“Anything to get you up in the clouds, huh?”

“Yeah,” he answers shyly, rubbing his jaw. “Okay, next question.”


Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Meghan has grown into a sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She is known to bust out and dance if “It’s Raining Men” starts beating through the air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they may be humped.

Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with the cheaper option and started writing… enter her first novel, Caught Looking.

Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores, wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife. Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

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No Reception by Maisie Porter @eyeointment @rararesources #BookReview #BlogTour

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Today I am excited to be part of the blog tour for this quirky psychological thriller… many thanks to Rachel for the invitation and to Maisie Porter for her Page turning book!💜

No Reception

No Reception

For hyper-successful wedding photographer and blogger, Zody Lee Swabler, anonymous death threats come with the territory. When warned by email not to continue booking jobs, she responds by accepting the next request that comes in. 

When a strangely eager woman approaches her about the emails, she accepts the woman’s invitation to visit her home. So begins Helena Hoath’s elaborate plan to take over the life and profession of the photographer she wishes she could be. 

And when Zody unleashes her own revenge scheme, she discovers that the unhinged woman may still have the wit to turn a successful photographer’s own talents against her. 

Zody and Helena’s lives begin to intertwine in ways that neither could have foreseen…

My Thoughts

4 Photographers Gone Mad Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Who knew the life of a photographer was so crazy? Not to mention the photographers themselves! This was a short quirky thrrill of a read…

Told from multiple points of view…Zody A successful photographer with a dream life…. and Helena a wife and mother who envies the life that Zody has… Helen is driven by jealousy to invent a revenge plot against Zody who she believes is having an affair with her husband… and if she’s not she has the life that Helena deserves…. not sure how Helena came to this conclusion but she was slightly nuts… OK she was a lot nuts! And at the end of the day Zody wasn’t too far behind her in nuthood….

A crazy ride of a book filled with unlikable characters doing questionable things throughout… this was a quick fast paced story that you could absolutely read in a single sitting… I really couldn’t get through it quick enough, I had to find out what these crazy people were up to next!

Recommend two fans of a psychological thriller with a quick pace and unlikable nutty characters…

*** many thanks to the author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for my copy of this book ***


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maisieporterauthor (1 of 1)Author Bio –  Maisie Porter works as a professional photographer in Australia, with wide experience covering weddings, though she has neither abducted nor been abducted by any competitors. No Reception is Maisie’s first novel.

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