The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie #bookreview @CcEMcKenzie

The Good Liar

The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie

4.5 spectacular stars rounded up! Almost perfect!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Can you hide a secret with the whole world watching?

When an explosion rips apart a Chicago building, the lives of three women are forever altered.

A year later, Cecily is in mourning. She was supposed to be in the building that day. Instead, she stood on the street and witnessed it going down, with her husband and best friend inside. Kate, now living thousands of miles away, fled the disaster and is hoping that her past won’t catch up with her. And Franny, a young woman in search of her birth mother, watched the horror unfold on the morning news, knowing that the woman she was so desperate to reconnect with was in the building.

Now, despite the marks left by the tragedy, they all seem safe. But as its anniversary dominates the media, the memories of that terrifying morning become dangerous triggers. All these women are guarding important secrets. Just how far will they go to keep them?


This is my first book by, Catherine McKenzie… but definitely not my last!

WOW! This book was just so delightfully twisted! The title really should have been; Who is the Best Liar of Them All? It is so hard to review a book like this, because you don’t want to give anything away…. such an amazing rollercoaster ride…. I want you to enjoy the ride as much as I did!

Along with the twisty plot were some pretty fantastic characters…Cecily was so likable and relatable, I really could see a lot of myself in her… a mom just really wanting the best for her kids after going through a major tragedy and some other pretty major issues… Kate and Frannie I found less likable and less relatable…. but they were pretty darn well developed….. and I really did spend the majority of the book trying to figure out the psychology behind their actions….. liars lying to each other, nothing more unreliable than that!

I emphatically recommend this book to all psychological thriller fans and anybody that enjoys a crazy ride of a book!😍

*** thank you so much to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book ***

Book is being released in April 2018 hope you enjoy! 💛


3 thoughts on “The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie #bookreview @CcEMcKenzie

    1. Thank you it was very good, it comes out April 3, hope you enjoy it! Her other books are equally as wonderful!💕📚

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