The Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre



Four years ago, I lied. I stood in front of the police, my friends and family, and made up a story, my best one yet. And all of them believed me.

I wasn’t surprised. Telling stories is what made me famous. Fifteen bestsellers. Millions of fans. Fame and fortune.

Now, I have one last story to write. It’ll be my best one yet, with a jaw-dropping twist that will leave them stunned and gasping for breath.

They say that sticks and stones will break your bones, but this story? It will be the one that kills me.

This book is not a romance. It is contemporary fiction, but very suspenseful in nature. It is about a famous romance author and a dark secret she keeps.



What do you do when you look in the mirror? Do you take a quick glance to check all is ok, or do you stand and take a really good look?

Do you study all of your laughter lines, your wrinkles, your grey hair, or do you really REALLY look???

If you really look, what do you see?
Are you happy with who you are?
With all you have ever done?
Of who you are perceived to be?

Ghostwriter, is like standing in front of a full length mirror and seeing all of the scars you have, all of the dirty secrets that, even though you tell your best friend everything, you would never tell them that……not that….not ever!!

The main character will probably be someone that you are not really that happy with, she’s OK, she’s grumpy, and to put it quite frankly, a bit of a bitch!

This, will maybe make you dislike her immensely, however, stick with the story, she has reason, a reason that I cannot (and will not) divulge! (Spoilers people!)

Mark, gahh I LOVE Mark, he is such a calming presence, he is like the Ying to Helena’s Yang, the chalk to her cheese, the white to her black, her…….well you get the picture.

This story starts off a little slow, like a trot, however it gains speed, and then by the time you realise what is happening you are galloping through a minefield, and leaping over the things that you don’t want to see.

My advice, apart from obviously reading this brilliant book, is GO IN BLIND, don’t read any reviews (except mine of course!)

Savour every sentence, every line…ย  Take a deep breath and buckle up, you are in for a bumpy ride!

KU (Kindle Unlimited) carriesย The Ghostwriterย , and it has just been released on audio book. Be prepared with some Kleenex for this one, it has ALL the feels!!




5 thoughts on “The Ghostwriter

    1. This is on my top books of 2017 as well, it was fabulous! Iโ€™m sure you will love it!


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