Who are we?

Welcome! I am Berit and my partner in crime is Vicci.  We are two friends from different parts of the world who bonded over our love of audiobooks on Goodreads.

We are excited to start this new adventure of sharing all the books we love, both audio and e-books.  That’s where the name comes from because if you are listening to an audiobook or reading an e-book you don’t need that cute bookmark with the cat on it anymore!

We are hoping to pass on our love of reading/listening and in particular listening.  We will always include a review of the narration when we listen to an audiobook, additionally we are hoping to highlight different narrators every month.

We are both pretty eclectic readers with romance, psychological thrillers, and domestic thrillers being our favorites.  Neither of us are too crazy about fantasy or nonfiction and V is frightened of dragons!

Once again welcome and thank you so much for stopping by, we sure hope you will join us on our journey!

Berit and Vicci